ARTIST: Lana Del Rey
TRACK: Pin Up Galore
ALBUM: Unreleased
Prizes, prizes
A diamond tiara
Here's to the girl with the blue mascara

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p-a-r-a-d-i-s-e-d-e-l-r-e-y says: Hi honey,i'm the one who asked you if you was ok...i asked you on anon because i don't know...i'm really shy and i don't want to bother(especially because english is not my first language)...I saw your answer and don't regret being too kind. We need people like you. Most people are full of shit. But i understand your feeling and yeah we must be careful with whom we talk to and who we trust... But please don't change,you seems to be a really good person and you deserve to be happy xx ♥

Hi! Thank you so much and you won’t ever bother me ; english is not my first language neither so it’s ok. I really appreciate this.

Well, life is not like we want it to be, we can try hard and get nowhere, sometimes we just fuck up and can’t get over it. I think we will never truly know a person , we can’t , but sometimes people lie to you and abuse you in a way that you can’t overlook.. The funny thing is when you find a person you think you can trust and you start to open up your soul for them and they make you the happiest person ever, but they end up being the reason of your sadness…

Happiness is hard to find and keep. We’ve all got wars in our minds and we  can’t escape ourselves. However, we should just try to find joy in the little things. 

You are really nice, thank you again for your messages and if you want to talk to me I am almost everyday here.  :)

Anonymous says: Are you ok? :(

I really don’t know how to answer this. But, well, I am not ok. I think this year is not at all ” my year”. It was full with shitty things until now. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle it, sometimes I don’t even know whom I can tell about it. I don’t feel secure anymore. I regret opening up to certain people , I regret being too kind, giving too much, I always get fucked up. Maybe I think too much about it, idk. I wish I could forget some things, but I simply can’t. I am honestly afraid of getting too attached to anyone….

Thank you so much for asking though. It means a lot to me. People don’t ask this in general because it seems not to be ” a good question for anyone” but…You’re really nice and thank you so much for caring. I hope you have a great day. 

Sometimes I am so tired and sick of people …

Sometimes I can’t help but feel damn alone…